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How To Make A Tiktok Before-And-After Video Using Transitions

Transitions in TikTok are required to create scroll-stopping content in under a minute. We'll show you four TikTok transitions to use in your next movie in this tutorial.

Tiktok Before-And-After Video
Tiktok Before-And-After Video

With the use of transitions, TikTok producers were able to make the most of sixty seconds. Every swipe, snap, and spin leads to an unexpected twist in the clip.

Transitions are still necessary for scroll-stopping material, even as TikTok continues to add capabilities like voiceover and text-to-speech. Transitions can be as basic as a snap for a rapid change or they can be coupled to create complex edits between clips.

We'll show you how to construct a TikTok Video "Before and After" beginner-friendly TikTok transitions in this lesson.

#1. Transition From Finger Snap

Transition From Finger Snap
Transition From Finger Snap
Let's begin with a traditional finger snap transition. You can modify your outfit by snapping from one location to another, making stuff disappear, or swapping out clothes. This was my first try at recreating a transition, and it was very simple.

We’ll use the finger snap transition to change my shirt in this case. Find a well-lit space to record in and use objects to identify where your feet are positioned before you begin. You'll be at the same place for each scene if you do it this way.

  1. Open TikTok on your Android or iPhone and hit the "+" sign.
  2. Press the timer button while standing in front of the camera. This establishes a time limit, so you don't have to stop recording after you've finished. Three seconds had been put on the timer.
  3. Press the start button to begin the countdown, then videotape yourself snapping. Do not immediately drop your arms after snapping. Reset the timer and press the start countdown button to record yourself changing into new clothes. Tap the red checkmark to move on to the next step.
  4. Tap modify clips, and both clips will appear below the timeline. Trim the end of the first clip so the snap is at the very end of the frame. You should still be able to hear the snap, and after you're finished, tap the white checkmark.
  5. Tap the second clip and cut it so that it starts with your hands closed before tapping the checkmark. Continue to modify each clip until the snap is completely seamless. When you're satisfied with the results, tap save and next to proceed to the final step.

#2. Transition From Head Push

Transition From Head Push
Transition From Head Push
The head push transition is visually appealing on its own, but it's frequently used in conjunction with other transitions to complete a TikTok film. It appears as if you're being pushed out of the frame when done correctly. I shot this in two takes and manually pressed record, but you can get the similar effect by using the timer.

  1. On your mobile device, open TikTok and tap the "+" sign, then face the camera.
  2. Press record, then carefully push the side of your face out of the picture with your hand, then stop recording. Keep your elbow out of the frame to make it appear as if it belongs to someone else.
  3. Place your arm in the same position as the previous frame, which was the press record. To complete the transition, push your arm through.

To make the transition a little more seamless, tap the red checkmark and then cut your clips. When you're finished, tap the post button.

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