Monday, January 2, 2012

The NO KISS Blogfest!

It's here!!!!

I hope you all have a blast checking out the No Kisses from everyone participating! Please try and visit as many blogs as you can today. Trust me, it's fun!

For a full list of participants, go HERE! Also, if you're just joining us and want to sign up, go HERE! Ok, so it's the same link twice. But seriously, anyone can participate at any time they want to today.

Enjoy this steamy, tension-filled day! Let the No Kissing begin!

My 2012 No Kiss

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl shouldn't be caught alone with James London. It is a fact, only idiots are unaware of, that a girl shouldn't be caught alone with James London when she is supposed to be in detention. And it is just a matter of plain common sense when that girl is me, and she is knowingly risking not only her spot in the Summer Scottish Studies Program (skipping detention=expulsion), but she is also surely kissing goodbye her chance at getting a college recommendation letter from a top professor at Oxford University.

Who also happens to be the headmaster at SSSP. AND James London's father.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Not that I really wanted to go to Oxford, or dreamed of it my entire life. I mean, what kind of esteemed member of academia names their son James London? It sounds like he's a 60's rock star. Or porn star. Watching him walk through the woods by the school, I suppose the connotations do fit. James London could be a rock star, or a porn star. Eventually. Maybe already, if what every other girl in the program says is true.

No, I need to focus. I need to stop being an idiot and stop following him to Arthur's Peak and return to detention and apologize to Headmaster London if he discovers my whereabouts and pray pray pray I can still study English at Oxford.

But then James turns and looks at me again and his eyes are just so blue, blue, blue, that I'm lost and I'm not turning around, I'm still following him and we're going even deeper into the woods.

He reaches into his back pocket, and pushes up the back of his t-shirt to do so, giving me a nice clear view of his jeans and their backside, which only reinforces my porn star thoughts and dissolves my ability to think clear.

Then my brain snaps into focus. "What are you doing!"

He leans against a tree, pulls a lighter from his pocket and lifts it to the cigarette now balanced on his lip. He does all of this with his blue eyes burning into me, never leaving me. And somehow he never falters, like he has absolutely perfected the art of smoking a cigarette while leaning against a tree.

"I guess then you don't smoke," James says to me, a mischeifvous glint in his eye. "You don't go to parties. You don't sneak out on weekends. And before today you never served detention. Do you ever have fun?"

I stand back, part hurt at his accusation, and part confused that he actually paid enough attention to know these things. "I have fun," I say. Just not the kind of fun you like to have.

"You looked like you needed some," he says. "Come here."

"I don't smoke."

"I didn't offer you my cigarette. I said come here."

I shouldn't go. I KNOW I shouldn't go. There's still time. Time for me to go back to the school, slip into detention, maybe even revise my alternative Macbeth ending one more time. But like two cowardly traitors, my feet propel me forward.

And I can smell him. And he smells amazing. And I can see the little bit of green in his eyes, and the mint on his breath, and a beauty mark I never noticed below his ear. But I can also smell the pre-cigarette smell and step back.

He grabs my hand. "Why did you come out here with me?"

I don't know what to say. I don't know what to admit.

I came because he asked me to. I came because he's beautiful. I came because before now, no beautiful boy has ever talked to me before.

"Detention got boring," I finally say.

He laughs. "You didn't seem bored. You were working on your Macbeth ending, right?"

I nod, barely breathing.

He knew I was writing a new ending to Macbeth? For him to know that, he'd actually have to be paying attention to me.

He smiles. A wonderful, beautiful, glorious smile that makes me melt. Like he knows I know he was paying attention and he wants me to know and somehow after all this time, after a lifetime of keeping my head in the books I may have actually gotten the guy.

He draws me close with his free hand. His arm is around me and his other hand is now returning the lighter to his pocket.

"You're not going to smoke that?" I ask, looking toward his mouth.

"Eventually," he says.


He pulls it from his mouth. "I don't know."

What are we doing? More importantly, what am I doing? Why am I standing here, body pressed up against James Freaking I Could Be A Future Porn Star London, who will probably die of lung cancer when I should be writing abot Macbeth?

"When will you know?" I ask, and realize my voice has gone hoarse. And I can feel his hands on my back and they are so warm despite this cold Scottish summer I've been having. In more ways than one.

He leans closer to me, his lips just barely brushing against mine, sending tingles all across my limbs. "Soon," he says.

And all I can hear is the blood rushing through my ears and then...the footsteps and cracking of sticks behind us.


We spring apart and there is Headmaster London in all his Oxford glory, and James has somehow managed in that one split second to light his cigarette and I have lost all chances at my future at Oxford...and then...

"Sorry, Dad," he says, between puffs. "Did you need something?"

And then James is covering for me and telling his Dad he made me follow him and he's believing it and I'm so happy I could scream because I can still go to Oxford...if I get in...and I almost kissed a boy who looks like a porn star and has the name of one, and then back in detention, James passes me a note.



  1. OMG. I have been out of the loop so much I forgot about the No Kiss Blogfest. I haven't taken part in a blogfest in months. Sad, but yay for all that are participating.

  2. Hey now--you email me asking why I haven't signed up yet, so I do and then I spend all last night trying to write some sort of scene (which is horrible and embarrassing) and you don't even put a scene up...what is up with that?????? ;-)

  3. @Dawn awww, we miss you!

    @Kelly, LOL, it's here, I was just a little late pasting it in this morning.

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  5. Aww, that was so cute, and pretty hot. I love the Pride and Prejudice paraphrasing! :)

  6. Fun.

    Blogger hates me today, so my post is late.Don't even know if it will let me comment. Looking forward to the rest...if I can get there.

  7. Ooo, Frankie, I love it! Thanks for hosting the blogfest again this year and for sharing your sultry scene with us.

    ~ that rebel, Olivia

  8. Love it, like the tension and the references to Macbeth :)

  9. I loved this - you gave your main character such a great voice and personality, and...very hot almost kiss ^_^

  10. Apparently Mr. London is not such as bad boy after all or... he likes it when people owe him.


    Nicely done!

  11. Ahahahaha! I do not know how I feel about James. He seems like a baaad boy. I think the repetition in this scene is great, and the voice is wonderful. You do a good job of capturing her internal conflict!

  12. @Mairead, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed.

    @farawayeyes, oh no, I hope it lets you post!

    @Olivia, thank you and you're welcome! It's my pleasure!

    @Magan, hehe thanks!

    @Loralie, aww thank you! I'm glad the voice came through.

    @Michelle, Thanks!

    @ralfast, Haha, maybe it a little bit of both...

    @Amalia, Ha! I'm not sure either, especially since I just banged this out. But thank you!

  13. That was hot! I love the "James London could be a rock star, or a porn star. Eventually" description.

    Thank you for hosting this again. Always fun. :)

  14. @Lindsay, hehe thank you. I had fun with that one. And you're welcome! I love hosting this fest!

  15. I love the voice of this. Perfect. And you just banged this out?!? I really like it. Especially considering there's not just her conflict to think upon here but also James's with his father. Mm.

  16. @Mia, haha, yes, guilty! But thank you so much!

  17. I'm going to go ahead and assume you set this in Scotland in my honor, m'dear. ;)

    Nicely done, as usual. Happy New Year, Frankie!

  18. Great scene! I loved the line "And somehow he never falters, like he has absolutely perfected the art of smoking a cigarette while leaning against a tree." Awesome.

    Thanks so much for the blogfest! It's so much fun!

  19. I want more of James London. Nice. Love it. :)

  20. This was SO good. And James London! *swoons*

    I also love the beginning and that last line...gah I want more.

  21. James London is very enticing; he comes across very strong in just a few short paragraphs. He seems familiar, I think I may have dated him once...LOL Seriously though, loved this.

  22. LOL, what fun. I love the whole "James Freaking I Could Be A Future Porn Star London" bit.

    Thanks for hosting this again!

  23. @Simon, yes yes of course. In fact this whole blog fest was in your honor.

    @Larissa, thank you! And I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    @Christine, heh, I kind of do too.

    @Raven, awww thanks!! :D

    @jaybird, Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that.

    @Charity, hehe, I had so much fun with the future porn star thing.

  24. Yes! SOOOOOOOON! :D

    LOL, that was great, Frankie! :) Thanks for hosting!

  25. I loved this! I really loved the name James London and i especially like all her roundabout talk and the porn-star mentions.

  26. Loved that! Fabulous voice. And I love the name James London. Very cool!

  27. Wow, that was fantastic! Thanks for hosting this, I'm having so much fun reading everyone's entries. I think my favorite line is, "Like he knows I know he was paying attention and he wants me to know and somehow after all this time, after a lifetime of keeping my head in the books I may have actually gotten the guy." James definitely seems swoon-worthy.

  28. frankie, you are mean, mean, mean. I don't want to stop reading now! Absolutely great scene--tension she's brought on herself, a kick-ass boy and super voice. Want. More.

  29. @Julianna, heee, you're welcome!

    @Sarah, thank you!! I really like the name too, LOL. Might have to use it for something...

    @Nicole, thank you so much!

    @Tichwi, yay, thank you!

    @Tricia, hahahahahaha! Thank you!

  30. Oh, I KNEW that this was going to be good from the moment that you played homage to Jane Austen. And it was. James is hot, and enigmatic, and just the perfect bad-boy. Love him!

    "Please, ma'am, can we have some more?"

  31. Fantastic! I loved it! Thanks so much for holding the No Kiss blogfest.

  32. I loved that!!! Ack *wants more*

  33. Uhm Swooning is happening and Thank you for hosting this amazing Blogfest! :D James oh James that name is so sexy ;)

  34. Yay!! Awesome job. :) Thanks so much for hosting this, it's my favorite blogfest!

  35. Eek! I started squeaking like a little girl by the time James said, "come here." Great dialogue and dynamic between the two characters. Hmm, why is it that we're not-always-but-so-very-often attracted to the bad boys?

    Sorry I haven't put up my entry yet but you should find it on my blog this afternoon. Yesterday was a busy day for me! But I'll have it up...soon :)


    The Red Angel Blog

  36. Heh, I laughed at the 'Soon?' right there at the end :)

  37. Fabulous! Absolutely brilliant. I love the line: 'He does all of this with his blue eyes burning into me, never leaving me'
    The ending was perfect too. Wish I'd had the time to enter.

  38. @Kaye, you're welcome! It's my pleasure!

    @KT, aw yay! Not sure yet if I'll juse James London for a real project or not, but glad to see people enjoyed the scene and him.

    @A.M.Y., Thank you!

    @cindy, hehe, that's why I picked the name--I always liked it.

    @Julie, yay! Already can't wait for next year!!

    @TRA, hahaha that's a good sign. And I'm so glad I got to read your post--yay GLEE!

    @1000th.monkey, :) Cool!

    @Madeleine, Aww thank you!!! And there is ALWAYS next year!

    Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments and for making this blogfest so special! See you all in 2013!!

  39. I'm having so much fun with this blogfest. Thanks so much! My scheduled post went awry but it's up now. :)


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