Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This One Time at PAYA

Here are a list of true things I've done recently:

1. Killed my pinkie toe, walking in the dark.
2. Bought a lot of books.
3. Read a lot of books.
4. Did NOT lost power during Hurricane Irene
5. Expected I WOULD lose power during Irene
6. Went to PAYA, despite believing I would soon lose power during Irene.
7. Interviewed a bunch of people about what they'd do when they did lose power during Irene.
8. Basically, I obsessed over Irene. And hurt my toe.

But I also went to PAYA (PA library fundraiser and book signing), and I have pictures and a video. Here you go.

Amy Holder (LIPSTICK LAWS) and me

Kelly Lyman and First Novels Club Sara DeSabato

Christine Danek and K.M. Walton (CRACKED)

Amy Holder (LIPSTICK LAWS) and Jessica Corra (AFTER YOU)

The Early Stirrings of Irene

Kelly, Me and Christine
And...the video where I once again prove my mad skills with a video camera and my ability to ask thoughtful questions. And if you know me at all, you know just how MAD my skills are.

I think its safe to say once again that I shouldn't quit my day job to interview people for a living :-)


  1. I've never heard of Blockus. (sp?)


  2. Frankie, what does it mean if you get a free glass of wine again? I can't remember but I think it involved band-aids. >.>

    And I would like to state for the record that I LOVE my roommates, whether or not we had flashlights.

  3. For inquiring Blokus minds: http://blokus.com/en/blokus.html

    Best. Game. Ever.

  4. I'm impressed I have met a number of people in your video. I'm also impressed your toe injury did not involve being assaulted by your blanket. Well done!

  5. omg. So funny and so fun. I will have to play blokus!!

  6. Thank you for sharing these great pictures and the fun video! Blokus looks so fun!

  7. It's my first Vlog and I have nothing important to say! Well, my power stayed on that night (all night) but we lost it the following day!

  8. Loved watching this! Looked like a great event. And I'm looking for Blokus now; sounds like something me and the kids would like!

  9. Such cute pictures. I'm so scared of the idea of doing a vlog. I'm impressed!

  10. Awesome! What fun--I'm so jealous, despite Irene. :)

  11. Hey you!!! *waves* I see photos of some of my favorite people up there--THX!!!

  12. I LOVE BLOKUS!!!!
    The best part is hissing BLOKKKKKUSSSS at your opponents when you cut off their escape. :)

  13. I love Christine Danek and Kelly Lyman! Too much fun, Frankie! :-)

  14. You are too funny, Frankie! I loved that nearly all of the writers you interviewed planned to read by flashlight when the power went out. That's what I did! Our power went out at 10:30 Sat night and didn't come back on until Wednesday!! Ugh.

    And I totally understand why you guys didn't stop by the bookstore after. The hurricane was already here. I couldn't wait to get home myself!

  15. Blockus is fun, till the pieces are scattered around the house by the kidlets.

    PAYA looked like so much fun! How cool to see Christine there!


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